Sometimes as I lay in bed half asleep stuck in what I call the limbo of the mind; where the body wants to rest but the mind refuses to stop I contemplate my purpose in this world, I wonder what I am meant to do. I could look around me at any given time and find someone who claims to know the answer. There are so many ideas of what we should be, that it is hard to remember what is truly important about our existence.

Years ago I developed the mantra that, in the end your life is defined by those you love and those that love you, nothing else matters. This was the first conclusion I came to in my search for myself. I mean, literally, when we die all that is left of us is the memories that those still walking the earth have of us; the memories the share, the pictures they keep, the lessons we taught them~ that part of us carries on. Our material things: money, houses, cars, posessions- may last for years, or even decades- but they too will eventually be gone. Therefore, it stands to reason that our relationships with each other are the most important aspect of ourselves.

After this relization I could no longer ignore the fact that my relationships with other people were minimal. I decided then and there that I wanted to make a difference in the world. But wait, that is no original thought- for centuries people have desired to make a difference-have made it their purpose in life. And how does one do that anyway? Should I run for President? Join the U.N.? Devote my life to the church? There is a long list of ways in which society would say that I could I change the world- but these are all political avenues, and where politics exist, we are again constrained by the idea of what society expects of us.